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Frequently Asked Questions

Intraday seasonality refers to the predictable patterns or tendencies that occur within a single trading day in financial markets. These patterns arise due to various factors, such as market opening/closing times, economic releases, and traders' behavioral habits. Intraday seasonality is often exploited by day traders and algorithmic trading systems to capitalize on short-term price fluctuations. By identifying and understanding these patterns, traders can potentially gain an edge in predicting price movements and making more informed trading decisions.

The S&P 500 is the most watched index because it tells us how the U.S. economy is doing. It includes 500 big companies from different industries, so it gives us a good idea of how the stock market is performing overall. Traders like it because SPX, SPY, and ES futures have the most liquidity for trading a variety of strategies.

Most subscribers are trading options on SPX or SPY with short durations. SPX 0DTE is common with traders looking at the Daily Forecast and 2-4DTE trades are common using the Weekly Forecast. Most subscribers are trading some form of spreads including credit spreads, butterflies, broken wing butterflies, and iron condors.